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By using software controls, the lens maintains the iris opening at an optimal level at all times, resulting in superior sharpness and depth of field as well as image quality. Equipped with a 2MP sensor enabling viewing resolution of x at a smooth 30 fps, the FDTV is an VIVOTEK FD8367-V Network Camera outdoor camera capable of capturing high quality and high resolution video, even in low light environment.

Vivotek FDV - VoIP Supply

Correct DO pin description. The Network Camera is not only a high-performance web-ready camera but can also be part of a flexible surveillance system. It is the user s responsibility to ensure that the operation of such devices is legal before installing this unit for its intended use. It is important to first verify that all contents received are complete according to the Package Contents listed below. Take note of the warnings in the Quick Installation Guide before the Network Camera is installed; then carefully read and follow the instructions in the Installation chapter VIVOTEK FD8367-V Network Camera avoid damage due to faulty assembly and installation.

This also ensures the product is used properly as intended. The Network Camera is a network device and its use should be straightforward for those who have basic networking knowledge.

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The Configuration chapter suggests ways to best utilize the Network Camera and ensure proper operations. For creative and professional developers, the URL Commands of the Network Camera section serves as a helpful reference to customizing existing homepages or integrating with the current web server.


Notices provide guidance or advices that are related to the functional integrity of the VIVOTEK FD8367-V Network Camera. Tips are useful information that helps enhance or facilitae an installation, function, or process. These statements indicate situations that can be dangerous or hazardous to the machine or you.


This statement appears when high voltage electrical hazards might occur to an operator. In order to control AC devices, the following diagram can be taken into consideration. In case of using an individual relay instead of using a relay modulefor protection against voltage or current spikes, a transient voltage suppression diode must be connected in parallel with the inductive load. Sometimes resetting the VIVOTEK FD8367-V Network Camera can return the camera to normal operation. If the system problems remain after reset, restore the factory settings and install again. Press and release the recessed reset button with a straightened paper clip.

Wait for the Network Camera to reboot. Press and hold the recessed reset button until the status LED rapidly blinks. Note that all settings will be restored to factory default.

Upon successful restore, the status LED will blink green and red during normal operation. Red LED on for 0.

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Jot down the MAC address of the camera for later reference. Press the release button on the side to remove the top cover Attach the alignment sticker to wall, and drill holes on it. Fasten 3 screws half-way into the VIVOTEK FD8367-V Network Camera User's Manual 9 Consider the effective range and the shooting angles of the PIR when determining the mounting position of the camera M M 4. You may drill a cabling hole for routing the cables. You can then hang the camera to the screws by passing them through the key slot holes. A 4 User's Manual - 9 10 5.

Vivotek FDV 2MP IR Outdoor Weatherproof Dome - Vivotek Domes

Turn the lens moudle around for the best shooting angle User's Manual 11 7. Assigning an IP Address Install the VIVOTEK FD8367-V Network Camera Wizard 2. Align the release button with the vertical tab, and attach the top cover. Use the included stardriver to loosen the anti-tamper screws, and open the dome cover User's Manual 13 3. Remove the waterproof connectors. Pass cables through the rubber seal and cable gland. Strip part of the cable. Use a crimping tool to attach the wires to an RJ45 connector o: Attach the alignment sticker to wall, and drill holes on it.

Vivotek FD8367-V 2MP colour monochrome fixed IP dome camera

A User's Manual 15 9. Fasten 3 screws half-way into the wall.

If you prefer using a conduit for routing cables, you can attach the side bushing to the cabling indent of the camera. You can use two screws to secure the side bushing.

Attach VIVOTEK FD8367-V Network Camera top cover and secure the anti-tamper screws. For the outdoor models: You will find a desiccant bag attached to the dome cover. VIVOTEK FDV/FDTV are robust, outdoor-style network cameras focus more efficiently, FDTV is also designed with VIVOTEK's Smart. VIVOTEK's FDA-V is a fixed dome network camera specifically designed for diverse outdoor applications, with a 2MP sensor enabling a viewing resolution.

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