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An average contrast ratio is about Keystone Correction 'Keystoning' is the name given to the effect on Acer X1210 projected image when the projector sits below or above the centre of the screen. Keystone correction counteracts this effect by digitally compressing the image at the bottom or top, resulting in a squarer, more professional image.

Acer X Series Manuals

Lamp Hours A standard lamp lasts for about hours of projecting. Projectors with higher lamp half lives are less likely to cause you a problem in the middle of a presentation when the projector gets older and used more, and generally represent better value Acer X1210 hour of use. However, with all projectors a sharp knock can put the lamp out of action no matter how old it is. Environmental factors can also effect lamp life so it's prudent to have a spare on hand. It is a highly reliable, all-digital display chip that delivers the best picture across a broad range of products, including large screen digital TVs, and projectors for business, home, professional venue and digital cinema.

Acer X1210 Series Manuals

This is how 3LCD technology works: Each colour is then passed through a dedicated LCD, before being combined Acer X1210 the other colors in a prism. The image is then ready to be projected onto the screen. Lens Shift Lens shift is generally a feature of Acer X1210 projectors or specialist home cinema models.

Lens shift has a similar effect to 'Keystone correction' except that the effect is achieved by physically adjusting the angle of the projectors lens to square up the image. This is a better method of producing a square image, rather than using keystone correction as the correction with lens shift is achieved optically rather than digitally resulting in no loss of quality Lens shift can also be useful for fine-tuning the position of Acer X1210 projected image on your screen Ratio In general, a ratio is a way Acer X1210 concisely showing the relationship between two quantities of something.


The most formal way of stating a ratio Acer X1210 by separating the two quantities with a colon: A ratio is a comparison of two numbers. We generally separate the two numbers in the ratio with a colon: Suppose we want to write the ratio of 4 and 3. We can write this as 4: Home cinema users - please note the majority of dedicated home cinema projectors project Acer X1210 native The 'W' stands for 'Wide'. If you use a PC, you can check which signal you're using.


Go to Control Panel and Acer X1210 'Display', then click the Settings tab. Next to 'Screen Area' you'll see a slider which shows what resolution you're using. If it's x, you use SVGA.

If it's x, you use XGA. You can move this slider and press 'OK' to see the difference between the Acer X1210.

Acer X1210 DLP Projector overview

If you use a Mac, you can check which signal Acer X1210 are using by going to the 'Monitors', 'Displays' or 'Monitors and Sound' control panel depending on which Mac OS version you are using. Most projectors sold today are XGA. This is because most computers sold today are moving to XGA resolution as standard. Response Time Acer X1210 time it takes for a pixel to turn on and off. Response time is a good indication of how fast motion such as video or computer animation will appear on the projected image.

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Weight Are you taking your projector on the road or leaving it in the board room? Manufacturers Product Description.

The Acer X1 Series projector boasts outstanding performance with rich colors, superb clarity, excellent 3D entertainment and. The Acer X Acer X1210 XGA Projector showcases highly detailed text and images with a ANSI Lumens.

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